We’re a studio working in the fields of Design and Communication, and at the intersections created by them. We’re committed to meaningful ideas and an ambition to put people first: whether they’re an audience, a reader or the consumer. We work across a range of media, both on digital and physical platforms, on a process lead by an exploratory-immersive approach with innovative design methodologies. Our plan is to make a difference.

Services List

   in Communication
Visual Identity Design
Editorial Design
Packaging Design
Global Communications Design
Environments Design
Signage Design
Exhibition Design
Web & Applications Design
Art Direction


   in Strategy
Design Methodologies & Innovation
Concept Development
Brand Development & Positioning
Content Production
Copywriting & Naming
Editorial Tone

Client List

Cidade Mais, DaRaiz Association
Pombal Municipality
Bio Rumo, Environment Consulting
Porto Editora Group
Setepés, Artistic & Cultural Projects
Chapim Azul, Pre-School Education
ExLibris, Communication & Information
Escola Prof. Agric. Marco de Canaveses
Guimarães Municipality, Cultural Division
Alto Minho Intermunicipal Community
Jumpcut, Film & Theater Production
Paredes Municipality, Design Biennale
Bragança Municipality, Cultural Division


  for Startups
We occasionally provide design services to Startups in order to help them establish their brand, positioning, communications or user experiences, in exchange for aggressively reduced rates or equity stake. We welcome applicants to submit their proposal to this program by email.


   for NGO
We welcome not-for-profit organizations to apply to this year long program where we provide design services on a pro bono basis. We tend to work — not only but mostly — with human rights, animal welfare, ecology and culture related instituions. Please contact us by email ahead of time with your institution problem.


   for Students
We grew on the spirit of the european study/work abroad programs. Therefore we established a connection to this mentoring practice by occasionally offering an internship programme, usually twice a year (February/July & September/February). If you are interested in joining our program, please send us your portfolio by email.


  Design Direction
Rui Moreira (Porto) is the founder and design director of Design Público. Previously, Rui worked at the world renown studio Bruce Mau Design in Toronto, developing innovative design in multidisciplinar projects for global institutions. Graduated in Communication Design, Rui also collaborated regularly with design studios from Barcelona, London, Vienna and Porto, on a total of 10+ years of working experience in all strands of design, from print to new media.


We collaborate regularly with a vast list of professionals — from photographers to plastic artists, from architects to cinematographers —, that bring new insights and empirical knowledge to each project.


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